Landscaping Excellence in St. Augustine: Yankee Clipper's Full-Service Solutions

A well-manicured lawn can make or break a property. Whether it’s a commercial space or residential, our landscaping services can elevate your space. With a balance of beauty and functionality, let our experience team take your property to the next level. No matter your space, we’re here to design something with your personal preferences in mind. Our goal at Yankee Clipper Lawn and Irrigation is that you’ll be able to show off your space with pride.



Let us transform your St. Augustine property with stunning hardscaping features like stone, pavers, and concrete that blend beauty and functionality. We use high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to create inviting walkways that guide you through your landscape, relaxing patios perfect for entertaining, and stunning retaining walls that add visual interest and usable space. Our hardscaping services are designed to enhance your property's value and enjoyment, allowing you to create a true outdoor haven.

Walkways & Paths: Inviting stone or paver walkways guiding you through your landscape.

Patios & Fire Pits: Custom patios for entertaining, with optional fire pits.

Retaining Walls: Functional walls adding beauty and usable space.

Driveways & Parking: High-quality stone driveways and parking areas.

Outdoor Kitchens & Seating: Custom outdoor kitchens and seating areas.



Envision your property bursting with vibrant colors and lush greenery. Yankee Clipper Lawn and Irrigation can help you achieve this vision with our comprehensive softscaping services. We transform outdoor spaces with a breathtaking array of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, carefully selected to complement your unique style and thrive in our Florida climate. From foundation plantings that frame your home to colorful flowerbeds bursting with seasonal blooms, our softscaping solutions enhance the natural beauty of your property and create a welcoming outdoor environment.

Trees: Shade trees, flowering varieties, and privacy trees

Shrubs: Evergreen shrubs (including Ligustrum), flowering shrubs (including Bottlebrush Lantana, Variegated Ginger, and Crape Myrtles - discuss additional options during consultation), and foundation plantings

Flowering Plants: Seasonal flowers, perennials (including Croton and Finger Croton), and container plantings (discuss specific plant choices during consultation)

Groundcovers: Low-maintenance groundcovers for slopes and walkways (plant options to be discussed during consultation)

Mulching: Fresh mulch installation for moisture retention and weed control


Other Services

In addition to hardscaping and softscaping, we offer a range of additional services to complete your dream landscape. Our team can create a seasonal color design to add pops of color throughout the year, ensure proper drainage with professional mulch installation, and illuminate your entire landscape with stunning lighting solutions.


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